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DIL Group House Buyers

Listing Expired? Relocating? Behind in Payments? Can't make Payments? For Sale By Owner? Divorcing? Separated? Two Mortgages

Learn more about Foreclosure and the real estate market and what we offer here at DIL Group House Buyers.

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Free Report

This free report will provide you with a concise idea of the latest report on 'selling houses'  in foreclosure or just having issues concerning your home. We can stop any foreclose home. we can save anyone's credit, you can buy another home in the future. If your house payments are more than a month behind, your lender has probably already started legal proceedings. Our Firm provide a service, our goal is to help individuals to start over again without having a foreclosure stain on their credit report. In some cases we can provide moving money to help homeowners to start over. To start the process fill out the contact form. We are a group of unique buyers of houses and we are designed specially to give Solutions to Foreclosures and Distressed Houses. This report will edify the viewers about the various procedures and other useful information that DIL Group LLC have. This special report is especially for the homeowners that are Behind in Payments, Can't make their payments, maybe lost their job, have an listed home that's not selling, making two mortgage payments, going through a divorce or maybe just separated. going through life issues. Maybe you need to start over, to save your credit being ruined. Contact this GROUP TODAY, DIL GROUP, LLC.


DIL Group House Buyers will provide a solution for your home as quickly as possible to save you from the hassles and the headaches. We will buy your home, we are buyers. Most important we are not realtors, we don't list houses, we can buy houses "as is". We will purchase your house in Good, Fair or Poor condition and we will pay closing costs.

Sometimes, homeowners may have two homes, making two mortgage payments and may just need to sell quickly. Call us.  Sometimes in situations we can take over the payments on a home until it is resold to our future buyers. In some cases we have provided moving money for homeowners that's in need for moving. 

We want to save you from headaches and hours of frustration. Our primary goal is to help homeowners from ruining their credit. If you have a vacant/distressed home that needs repairs, we will buy “as is”. If you have investment properties, call us. If you are having any issues making payments, call us. If you have worrisome tenants, call us. If you are having marriage issues, going through a divorce, call us. If you are just having issues concerning your home, call us.

We don’t list Foreclosures. We buy Foreclosures in any condition—Good, Fair or Poor. Most important we will Save Your Credit. 

Our primary goal is serve you and to save your credit, especially if you are behind on payments, we want to provide you with excellent service. The most important part is providing a way for you to buy another home after going through a situation. We can pay you cash for your home if the situation requires. We are creative, and we have attorneys that work closely with our team to closed houses. If you are an homeowner and want our help and our expertise in Foreclosures contact us by email, texts or by phone.